BELARUS - The "opposition", a figurehead of the Western imperialists!

The "authoritarian led Belarus", or the "last dictatorship of Europe", so Belarus is called gladly by so-called western "critics". The opposition, on the other hand, with leader Svetlana Tichanovskaya at its head, is welcomed with open arms, in the imperialist countries of the EU, first and foremost Germany but also Austria, as well as by U.S. imperialism, it has become the figurehead of "Western democracy."

After the "opposition" had to admit defeat in February, the plans of the Western imperialists temporarily failed. The "opposition" around Tichanovskaya pursued the plan of an aggressive, militaristic and "ultra-neoliberal" program, in close alliance with fascist militias and paramilitaries mobilized especially from Ukraine. While it was able to profit from popular discontent in the short term, it has now had to announce its failure.

In the Western media, imperialist propaganda continues. The exclusion of pro-Western media is criticized under phrases of banning "independent media," and it is chalked up as a success of the "opposition" movement that Belarus has now been excluded from the Eurovision Songcontest. However, what was concealed by the so-called "independent media" of the Western imperialists, and continues its way unbroken, is the strengthening workers' and peasants' movement of Belarus!

A progressive worker's organization in Belarus called up already before, not to fight at the away of the alleged "opposition". In an appeal "to the workers" it already says: "There are more effective ways to fight. Not only for free elections, but also for the possibility of improving our lives better right here and now." Instead of talking about alleged freedom and democracy for a new puppet government, this time of the Western imperialists, they come forward with demands in the service of the people, especially the workers and peasants. The opposite path of "neoliberalism" can be found in them: against privatization, for the preservation of jobs, for the reversal of the anti-worker pension reform, but also demands such as for the release of political prisoners.

The working class and peasantry of Belarus took their justified anger to the streets and rebelled in recent months. They can now learn valuable lessons. They have seen that the aides and puppets of the imperialists are not only leading the movement to defeat, nor do they have a program in the interest and service of the masses: Neither as far as the immediate demands of the masses are concerned, and certainly not as far as the road to the necessary New Democratic Revolution is concerned!