AUSTRIA - Successful actions on the day against violence against women

As the anti-fascist newspaper from Austria ( reported, on this year's 25.11., the international day against violence against women, very successful and powerful actions took place despite the lockdown. In different cities actions were carried out: Demonstration, rallies, street agitation and street theater.

"This was an important action to be able to continue to organize ourselves. The situation will not get better, on the contrary, we expect an increasing worsening for hundreds of thousands of women and their families. Domestic violence will increase with the social and economic problems. Therefore, it is all the more important that our actions reach more and more women and that we unite," the activists reported.

Friedrich Engels was also held up at a demonstration. One activist commented: "Because we are celebrating Friedrich Engels' 200th birthday this year, we held up a picture of him at the demonstration. He was the first to explain scientifically the origin of the oppression of women: that patriarchy came into being with the emergence of private ownership of means of production and the division of society into classes. This scientific achievement is very important for us. Because only if we know the root of women's oppression and only if we understand where the violence against women comes from and why it is now increasing, can we really struggle against it. His picture got a lot of attention at the demo and stimulated exciting discussions."

It was correctly emphasized in all actions that only in an organized way there can be consistent struggle against patriarchy and capital. "We urgently need an organization, also in the struggle against violence against women", a speaker summarized it well at the rally!