AUSTRIA - Poster campaign for the active boycott of the elections

Regional elections are scheduled for next Sunday in Austria's capital Vienna. A lot of fuss is being made, once again every effort is being made to drag the masses to the elections.

The "Antifaschistische Aktion Infoblatt" (an antifascist newspaper) from Austria reports about the election rightly: "Sufficiently the ruling parties are showing day after day that their policies are entirely in the interest of capital, and not in the interest of the workers and the people. The opposition, which is now making great clamor, serves primarily as a diversion to give the ruling system a "democratic" mask. Various micro-parties and "leftist alternatives" also serve the ruling politics as a whole, because they also help to blur and cover up the fraud of the elections. In reality, it does not matter if the workers and the people "make the right decision" at the elections, but it is above all a matter of forging a force that can really oppose the politics of capital. There are many who are already struggling against the attacks of the ruling classes, against mass layoffs or cutbacks, who are resisting and trying to struggle. Let us no longer be stunned by the empty promises of the ruling politics, let us unite firmly and trust in our own strength!"

In the following we share photos of poster actions for the Active Election Boycott: