ROMANIA - Imperialist plundering of the health system

Since the beginning of the "Corona - crisis" catastrophic conditions in the health care system are prevailing in Romania. These conditions did not just appear out of nowhere, but have a history. Since the country joined the EU in 2007, more than ten thousand doctors, nurses and medical staff have emigrated. Some of them were poached by the imperialist countries like Germany, Austria, France or Belgium.

That so many doctors and nurses leave the country is sometimes due to low wages. The starting wage for doctors is 269 Euros per month and for nurses 219 Euros. In the imperialist countries they earn 10 to 20 times as much as in Romania.

In the Romanian city Cluj is the biggest university of the country where thousands of doctors are trained every year. Some of them go back to their cities to help the population and to stay with their families and friends. But the number of doctors going abroad is enormous every year. Up to 3,500 doctors leave the country every year due to underpayment and poor working conditions. Thus, a chronic understaffing of doctors in Romanian hospitals is already developing here.

It is clear that the imperialist countries are happy about this, because they get well-trained doctors and nurses who can let them work for a minimum wage and thus promote competition and division.

The lack of doctors and nurses of course led to enormous difficulties. During the "Corona - crisis" some hospitals had infections of the staff, but due to the bad health conditions and the lack of health protection some hospitals had to close down. This was used as an excuse to promote militarisation: Three hospitals were put under military control.

As the great leader of the proletariat Lenin said: "Imperialism is reaction on the whole scale, this is shown very clearly in the example of Romania. The country is being plundered by the imperialist countries. On the one hand by foreign companies and investors and especially by the withdrawal of workers, such as doctors and nurses. Therefore, it is the imperialist policy which made the pandemic a deadly danger, therefore, it is the imperialists who now want to bleed the popular masses for their crisis!

Death to imperialism!

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