BULGARIA/AUSTRIA - Great success of international solidarity!

Following we document a report of a very impressive activity of the International Workers' Aid Bulgaria-Austria:

At the beginning of June (we reported) the important initiative of the International Workers' Aid Bulgaria-Austria was developed. Workers from different branches, indepenent trade union initiatives and anti-fascists in Austria started an appeal and collected protective equipment and disinfectants among colleagues and in the neighbourhood to support the exemplary struggle of Bulgarian colleagues in the health sector!

The action was a great success, not only that it received broad support among the masses in Austria, it was also warmly welcomed as a strong sign of international solidarity in Bulgaria. As it was reported, the collected material was received with great joy by the Bulgarian Nursing Union (SBMS) and the Independent Worker's Association (ARK). Especially for the rural regions of Bulgaria the international aid action is an important support. But above all, the action of the international workers' aid shows, according to the ARC, that the workers too are able to unite internationally against the ruling class and this is a strong example in Europe and internationally for the unification of the workers.

In a statement in the social media, the ARC writes (inoffiocial translation):

"Solidarity during a crisis and in the struggle of the workers is the most important thing for their success. Independent workers' collectives from Austria have taken the initiative to support the medical staff in Bulgaria. They stood up for solidarity and collected a large amount of protective equipment and disinfectants to help their Bulgarian colleagues. This gesture shows that not only the ruling classes are able to unite against the workers, but also, like ourselves, can break down national barriers and help each other. With great thankfulness to the Austrian colleagues and let this example enlighten all Europe and the whole world for the common work and the unification of the workers for a new and just world".

With this action it was confirmed: The initiative of the International Workers' Aid is the correct answer to the pandemic and the capitalist-imperialist policy of plundering and shifting the burden of the crisis onto the working class and the people! This initiative is a living expression of internationalism and the necessary unity of the workers. In a joint declaration of revolutionary and anti-imperialist forces from former Yugoslavia, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Austria in April this year, it was appealed:

"Now our determined and brave action is needed! Every day, the stability of capital in the "Corona-Crisis" begins to crumble more and more. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed and exploited. Let us struggle for the implementation of our just demands and unite in internationalism to a torrent against imperialism!"

The initiative of the International Workers' Aid is an important contribution to this and a great success!

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