INTERNATIONAL – Actions in Solidarity with Varavara Rao and all political prisoners in India!

In the following we want to publish a collective report on international actions in solidarity with revolutionary intellectual and poet Varavara Rao, political prisoner of the old Indian state. Following the international call to action by the International Committee for Solidarity with the people’s war in India (ICSPWI), aligned with the national call by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), antiimperialists and revolutionaries all around the world have conducted powerful actions for the immediate release of Varavara Rao and all political prisoners in India.

With 81 years, Varavara Raos health has deteriorated fast since his incarceration in 2018. On the 19th of July, he was tested positive for COVID-19. The ruling classes in India hope to use the Coronavirus as a mean to rid themselves of their most dangerous dissidents, after using the pandemic as an excuse to implement the most extreme forms of restraint and oppression on the people.

"The imperialist financial crisis around the world and the bankrupt economic situation in the country have led to protests by people everywhere against government policies. The government and the BJP-RSS fascist gangs, like the Tukde Tukde gangs of the Urban Naxals, have been cracking down on these concerns.”, the CPI(Maoist) writes.

Varavara Rao has been struggling for the Indian people for more than half a century, giving a great example of what giving ones life for the people means. He was the head of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), a front organization that unites many progressive and democratic forces for democratic revolution in India. This revolution is developed through people’s war, lead by the CPI(Maoist). It is the most developed revolution in the world. The live and work of Varavara Rao shows that the struggle for democratic rights is not separated from the revolutionary struggle. Imperialism tends to take away and remove also the democratic rights for the people, implementing fascist methods, in its strive to even further oppress and exploit the people's masses. Especially in the situation of deepening crisis.

The development of the democratic and revolutionary struggle is the reason for his attempted murder, and that of G. N. Saibaba, the 12 other accused in the Elgar-Parishad-Case, and the ten thousand other political prisoners in India. This “crackdown” on revolutionaries is happening in many places around the world right now, and many of the actions in solidarity connect the case for Varavara Rao with another. International solidarity means also to support the most devoloped struggles, leaning from them and by that also developing the struggle in the own countries. The various and many activities in the spirit of internationalism show, that the goal of the Indian state, to destroy the justified struggle of the people, to fight against the revolution, does not work. In the opposite, the activities of international solidarity are a strong impulse for the democratic and revolutionary forces all over the world, to develope further the struggle against imperialism and repression.


The CPI(Maoist) has called for a bandh (a militant strike) in the whole state of Telangana, on the 25th of July. Varavara Rao “was actively involved in the movement for an autonomous state of Telangana for 50 years.” “Today, the people of Telangana need to fight together to protect Varavarao. This needs to be the responsibility of the people of Telangana.” These actions have partly been overlapping with the preparations for “Martyrs week” from 28th of July to 3rd of August.

On the 25th of July, reports say that

  • In the district of Andhra Pradesh, a road was dug up between Tamilawada and Chintagupa to disrupt traffic in the Agency area in Visakhapatnam District

  • Maoists set ablaze a tractor at Paidigudem village in Dummugudem Mandal, and dug a portion of a road at a remote tribal habitation at Tippapuram in Bhadrachalam Agency in the Bhadradri Kothagudem District of Telangana, to mark the one-day bandh (general shut down call)

This was only reported on a very unknown website monitoring “terrorist activities”. The normal press resorted to headlines like “Bandh by Maoists in Telangana to release Varavara Rao incident-free, say police”, an obvious lie.

Many more public organizations, activists and public figures have stepped forward to support the call for his release. After the international statement for the release of G. N. Saibaba that was signed by 130 world-renowned intellectuals, amongst them Judith Butler and Noam Chomsky, a statement by the Indian group of Telgu poets, now a United forum of state employees in Telangana has continued to demand his immediate release, amongst many others.


In Brazil, many militant actions in solidarity have been conducted by revolutionary and people’s organizations.

The popular womens movement (MFP) made actions for the immediate release of Varavara Rao and G. N. Saibaba, and all political prisoners.

This action was conducted for the release of the most dangerous political prisoner in the dungeons of imperialism, for Chairman Gonzalo of the Communist Party of Peru, the greatest Marxist alive.

In Campo Grande in Brazil a spray was affixed reading: Freedom for Saibaba and Varavara Rao and all political prisoners in India! Down with ‘Operation green hunt’! Frente Revoluionaria!

Also, pamphlets were distributed in the area.

‘Operation green hunt’ was the name given by the Indian ruling classes and their US-Imperialist strategists to the all-out offensive against the people’s war, using genocidal violence in this war against the people.

On a meeting of the leage of poor and landless peasants (LCP), fotos were made in solidarity with Varavara Rao and Saibaba, and also with the “Austin’s Targeted Three”, three anti-racist protesters in the US that now see themselves charged with terrorism.


A call for actions came also from the Front for the defense of people's struggles of ecuador (FDLP-EC).


In Mexico, revolutionaries headed the call to actions and made multiple sprays in solidarity, saying: “Freedom for Saibaba! Freedom for all political prisoners in India! Long live the people’s war in India and Turkey!”


In Austin, Texas in the USA, a Graffiti was made in solidarity with the political prisoners in India.

Amidst the worldwide crackdown on fighters for the people, this action comes during a campaign to "defend Austins targeted three", three protesters against racist police violence from Austin now faced with "terrorist" charges because of them demonstrating against racism. This goes to show that the oppressed worldwide must unite against the main enemy: imperialism.


In Germany, actions in solidarity with the politicial prisoners in India were combined with militant protests against the anticommunist process against comrades of the TKP/ML happening in Germany.

Also, a spray in solidarity was painted.


In Italy, many actions were made in solidarity, and posters were affixed in many visible places, and on the way to a factory.


A webinar was organized by the group "Jeunnes revolutionnaires" (Jung revolutionaries) on the international day of action. The webinar was organized together with organizations in Canada, Manipur & India, Nepal and Bangladesh.


In Galicia, comrades made militant actions in solidarity. One action was done in commemoration with comrade Xosé Portela, that was taken from the ranks of the international proletariat, staying forever in its heart.


In Barcelona, Catalonia, Spanish state, a militant spray was made in solidarity.


Many miltiant actions in solidarity also took place in Austria, in workers districts of Vienna, Linz and Graz. Graffities were painted in Support of Varavara Rao, G. N. Saibaba and all political prisoners in India.

These lively and militant actions go to show, that in their solidarity for the political prisoners in India, against the crackdown of the reactionaries, the revolutionary forces all around the world are indeed united.

For the immediate releaso of Varavara Rao and G. N. Saibaba!

Freedom for all political prisoners in India!

Freedom for all political prisoners worldwide!

Down with Imperialism and all reactionaries!

Long live the people's war in India!

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