IRELAND - Successful action after attacks on the Seán Russell Monument

On August 4th, activists of the Anti-imperialist Action Ireland carried out a successful action in defence of the statue of Seán Russell, thousands of leaflets were distributed!

Seán Russell was army chief of the IRA in the 1930s. Recently his monument was painted in the colors of the LGBTQ flag, but he has never been accused of chauvinist attitudes or actions on this issue. He has also been denounced as a Nazi collaborator. Seán Russell himself said: "I am not a Nazi. I am not even a friend of the Germans. I am an Irishman struggling for Irish independence. The British have been our enemies for several centuries. Today they are also the enemies of Germany. If it suits Germany to give us help in our pursuit of independence, then I am prepared to accept it, but no more. And there can be no quid pro quo." This time the accusations come from the actual political heirs of the Irish fascists, the "Blueshirts", against whom Russell fought, among others. Fine Gael, represented by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, are now demanding the demolition of the statue and similar items and claiming to be referring to the demolition of statues in the USA. But Seán Russell stands for the justified national struggle for independence! In addition to a leaflet, which was distributed among the people, a rally for the preservation of the statue was organized.


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