FRANCE - Migrants camp cleared

In France, 100,000 asylum applications were made last year, which is 17% more than in 2016. But the French government doesn't care much about that. The migrants get neither work nor a roof over their heads. They mostly live in inhumane tent camps somewhere on the outskirts of the city, as was the case in the north-east of Paris. Up to 2000 migrants mostly from Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea live there in the poorest conditions without running water, toilets or electricity.

A dispute between the mayor (Anne Hidalgo) of Paris and the 2018 government only sparked off the debate about these tent cities by the migrants. Since then, such camps have been evacuated 35 times and the migrants have been taken to shelters.

They are put into busses and divided up to "capture" them, some of them are deported again, others get a confirmation of residence. The police often also treated the migrants very harshly.

But this is the way migrants in Europe are often treated, they flee from their countries because imperialist interests destroyed their existence and families and are then treated as if they were the last dirt. They have no accommodation, are not allowed to work and are subject to constant repression. Thus, they push the impoverishment of the deepest and broadest masses.

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