EUROPE - Strikes, protests and struggles: A review of July

Following we publish a short review of strikes, protest and struggle of the working class and the peoples in Europe in July. That is not a complete summary, but an excerpt of the rebellion and resistance of the masses against the attacks of the rulers and important initiatives which have been carried out by communists and revolutionary forces. Even that excerpt shows the deepening of the contradiction between imperialism and the oppressed people, between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, as well as the growing anger and determined struggle of the oppressed!


Tens of thousands took to the streets over many days , demanding the end of the currant government. Unionist forces proclaimed "Withdrawl is only the beginning".

Announcement in front of the US embassy:

In Sofia, revolutionaries of the organisation organised an announcement on September 23, demanding a justified stop to foreign investments, an end to the imperialist interventions of the USA.


Militant mass protests against „Corona measures“ - against the oppressors and their anti-people politics - wich sharpened during the measures against the pandemic. .


10,000 against new law of repression.


Demonstration against "Anti-Terror Act" in the Philippines!

On 27 July 2020 a demonstration took place in Vienna: Against the "Anti-Terror Act", which the Philippine President Duterte imposed on 3 July. This new decree allows the arbitrary arrest and lock up of people who make the government "uncomfortable", it means even more repression, surveillance and violence against the philippines people.

Demonstration against violence against women. After attacks in the Viennese district favorites of fascists on left Turkish and Kurdish associations. Numerous organizations took part in the demonstration, among others also the Red Women's Committee Vienna against violence against women.

On 4 July, a demonstration for raising unemployment benefits to 80% took place in the busiest shopping street in Vienna. The successful demonstration was organised by differnt unionist and progressive organisations.


Cologne, Stuttgart and Frankfurt a series of mass struggles and riots against police violence.

Fascists in the Aachen police:

A demonstration against fascists in the Aachen police.

TKP/ML process:

Munich Judgement pronouncement and rally on the TKP/ML trial.


Persan Beaumont annual demonstration of justice for Adama Traore who was murdered by the police on her birthday on 19 July 2016.

Demonstration for the justice of Mohamed Benmouna. He was murdered on 06.07.2009 in Firminy (St. Etienne) by the police.


Boycott of elections in Galicia.


Paintings to defend the three painted in Austin.


Demonstration against police violence and racism in Kristiansand.


Trade union struggle in the streets, the capitalists should pay for the crisis


Protest against the extradition of Liam Campbell.

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