GERMANY - "TKP/ML trial" is over, judgment is expected

Now it is certain: The judgement in the so called Munich Communist Trial for membership in the TKP/ML will be announced on Tuesday 28.07.2020 by the Munich High Court. Many supporters have announced protests, rallies and demonstrations are expected. In spite of countless scandals, big complaints and much protest, the rulers of Germany stick to their accusation. They demand prison sentences of several years for the accused! The accused were already arrested in 2015 in Austria, Switzerland, France and Germany by a coordinated action of various secret services. Although many of them had been observed for more than a decade before, none of them has been accused of any concrete action, but they are accused of membership in the TKP/ML with vague arguments. TKP/ML has been waging people' s war in Turkey since the 1970s, but in no other country than Turkey itself has it been placed on the list of terrorist organisations. Since the beginning of the trial in Munich (Germany) in June 2016, the defendants have been held in custody pending trial, with only brief interruptions, despite several requests from the defence. They have been held in isolation and each of them has been subjected to one or the other form of torture!

This trial was now nearing its end.The rulers demand for the defendant Elma to be found guilty of ringleadership and for the defendants Aktürk, Dr. Aydin, Bern, Dr. Büyükavci, Demir, Pektas, Solmaz, Ugur and Yesilcali each to be found guilty of membership in a terrorist organization. Sentences ranging from three and a half to five years in prison are demanded. For the accused Elma, the Federal Prosecutor's Office demands 6 years and 9 months!During the whole period of the trial, several solidarity actions were organized worldwide.

While the so-called Corona crisis is being used as an opportunity to launch another attack in the final phase of the trial against the democratic rights of the accused by reducing the number of spectators in the court to 6(!) people, several hundred people did not miss the opportunity to demonstrate at the end of June in front of the court for the freedom of political prisoners. This trial, one of the biggest anti-communist trials of the last decades in Europe, is now coming to an end, so it is all the more important that the solidarity work does not stop now!

Free all political prisoners!

Long live international solidarity!


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