INDIA - statement by the CPI(Maoist): Varavara Rao COVID-19 positive, militant strike in Telangana

In the following we want to share an unofficial translation of a statement of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), on the very serious case of Varavara Rao testing positive for COVID-19. We urge all democrats, revolutionaries and progressives in the world to support this call to action in support of the lives of the great fighters for the oppressed and exploited, Varavara Rao and G. N. Saibaba!

Let's demand the immediate release of Varavarao, who is in a life-threatening condition after being infected with the corona virus!

Sub, NIA cases should be dropped. Greyhounds must withdraw forces from forests.

Let's sing Telangana state bandh on July 25 in protest!

Varavararao, a revolutionary, politician and social activist who was allegedly imprisoned in the Bhimakoregam illegal case, contracted the corona virus and his health condition deteriorated. He was admitted to JJ Hospital from Taloja Jail in Mumbai on July 14. That was immediately transferred to St. George's Hospital. Doctors are not publishing a proper health report on his health condition. He went into a coma. When he was in prison he could not walk by himself, could not go to the toilet and at last lost the power to breathe. He has been suffering from many diseases since he went to jail.

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, people, intellectuals, poets, democrats, celebrities from across the country and parliamentarians said that the 81-year-old was under threat of corona and the government did not heed the plea to grant him bail despite numerous appeals. He repeatedly petitioned the courts for bail in view of the corona threat and his health condition, but all of them were dismissed and he was refused bail. The government did not provide timely information to his family on his health condition. At the very least he is not even given permission to interview family members with him. Although many expressed concern about the corona virus threat, the government ignored it. Now, he is infected with the corona virus and is in a life-threatening condition.

He is 81 years old, has a corona threat, has not only experienced prison life several times in his life but has also been granted bail in several cases. He did not heed the pleas of many celebrities to the Telangana Chief Minister to take the initiative for Varavarao's release. KCR along with Modi and Amit Shah were also involved in the conspiracy to arrest Varavarao. KCR conspired with Hindu fascists to arrest Varavarao. Together they put Varavarao in an illegal case according to a plan.

Varavararao, Saibaba, Anand Telu Tumbde, Sudhabhardwaj, Werner Gonzalves, Gautam Navalkha and 12 other poets, writers and community activists were illegally arrested by the Bhimakoregam on false charges, branding them as 'Urban Naxals'. None of them were even given at least bails. After the BJP government came to power, the Brahminical Hindu fascists in the country began a nationwide crackdown on revolutionary and democratic forces. The imperialist financial crisis around the world and the bankrupt economic situation in the country have led to protests by people everywhere against government policies. The government and the BJP-RSS fascist gangs, like the Tukde Tukde gangs of the Urban Naxals, have been cracking down on these concerns. The coronavirus pandemic, which has advanced this year, is causing thousands of deaths by failing to provide proper medical treatment to the people, beating the stomachs of the poor in the name of lockdown, enforcing detention on the public, and making false propaganda that the ruling class is curbing the corona. State and Central Governments have been implementing forms of extreme restraint and exploitation of the people to get out of the crisis during the Corona period.

Many militants are illegally detained in prisons. That is why governments, also in the case of Varavarao and Saibaba, are refusing to grant bail even during the corona period.

Dear people! Varavararao, a revolutionary poet, politician and social activist, is one of the greatest personalities of the Telugu people. He led the movements with his writings and poems on the many democratic movements carried out by the Telugu people. He was actively involved in the movement for an autonomous state of Telangana for 50 years. Naxalbari sang the fight. He was falsely accused and imprisoned in several conspiracy cases as part of these struggles. Even at the age of 80, he continues to fight against the prison sentences for the ideals of his believers. Today, the people of Telangana need to fight together to protect Varavarao. This needs to be the responsibility of the people of Telangana.

We demand the unconditional release of Varavarao, Saibaba and 12 other civil society activists from prisons. Therefore, let us observe a complete bandh on July 25 in the state of Telangana and oppose the fascist policies of the governments.

The government has unconditionally released 12 people, including Varavarao and Saibaba, who were illegally arrested in the name of "Urban Naxalism".

Let's expose the KCR conspiracies of Hindu fascists Modi and Amit Shah!

Political prisoners should be released unconditionally!

All ordinary prisoners over the age of 60 should be released!

Let's fight against government fascist repression!

Sub, NAA cases should be dropped.

Greyhounds must withdraw forces from forests.

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