SERBIA - The position of Partija Rada

In the following we share an unofficial translation of an article published by the Partija Rada (Party of Labour) from Ex-Yugoslavia about the current protests in Serbia:


The position of Partija Rada

The Partija Rada (PR) supports the demonstrations in the Serbian cities that have taken place in the last few days.

This is based on the basic positions of PR, for the strengthening of any kind of resistance against the dictatorship of capital, with the aim of smashing the capitalist system.

The spontaneous participation of the masses in the demonstrations is a consequence of the permanent humiliation of the criminal regime, mainly because of its greed, constant manipulation, lies and voluntarism of the leadership clique, which believes that it can get away with anything. That clique that in public expresses its love for the Serbian people, but treats them like cattle and slaves. Besides growing indifference and reassurance, this time the masses have chosen to resist.

Partija Rada is aware of the fact that above all the regime, but also ideologically radicalized political forces that are its product, want to use this situation to continue despotism and repression.

In any case, the great powers are using this situation to dominate the Balkans, with Serbia as one of the hubs.

We think that the general chaos in the world, as an external factor in the Balkans and the worsening situation in Serbia, will cause more and more unrest but also an increase of repression.

Our aim is to mobilise the masses without rights for resistance and to strengthen the class character of the demonstrations.Our duty is to lead the masses and to protect them from not falling under the influence of the regime's units and fascist scum. It is also necessary to condemn the petty-bourgeois moaning about the clashes in the demonstrations.

Demonstrations are, according to their definition, directed against something - calmly or with violence. That is why PR is against any attempt to negate the violence of the demonstrations as a response to the daily violence of the regime.

We support the demonstrations as part of the general resistance in the Balkan countries against the puppet regimes, with the aim of strengthening the resistance movement in the Balkans.

Struggle against the dictatorship of capital!

Forward with the resistance movement in the Balkans!

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