INDIA - New's on People's War

Following we report about the latetst new’s on people’s war in India in June 2020: On June 1, five vehicles from a reactionary road construction company were set on fire in Jharkhand. The announcement was also made that the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in Jharkhand was preparing to carry out “anti-naxal operations”. Due to the monsoon in early June, the company announced that it would carry out the attacks on the CPI (Maoist) especially in the summer season. On the same day, according to the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), explosives were released at 16 locations in Chhattisgarh and destroyed parts of a local highway. According to the CRPF, this action served to defend and maintain its base. In Jharkhand, 11 vehicles were set on fire in the bauxite mine near a police station on the same day.

On June 6, construction vehicles were set on fire that were used in Andhra Pradesh to connect two villages by roads and bridges. Red zones are also reinforced here. According to reports of the reaction, they did not take action against the CPI (Maoist) because they overestimated the threat posed by the CPI (Maoist) cadres. In Andhra Pradesh there was also an increased call for 9 June to expand the bandh proclaimed by the Adivasis. Here the CPI (Maoist) called to support the Adivasi and make June 9th a success. During the same period it was reported repeatedly that literature from the CPI (Maoist) could be found.

On June 7, the PLGA and the police clashed in Telangana. The police tried to ambush the PLGA, which they failed to do. On the same day, several construction vehicles and construction machines were set on fire in Odisha, which were set up to build a road that would have made it easier for the response to the red zones to move in. In the Gadchiroli district in the Maharashtra district, the PLGA attacked the forestry office and two security officials on June 10 and defended their areas against further attacks by the reaction.

On June 12, there was an exchange of fire between the PLGA and reactionary security forces in Jharkand after 60 PLGA explosive devices were removed by the security forces.

On June 15, posters of the CPI (Maoist) were distributed in the district of Gumla in the district of Jharkhand, which contained a warning to the administrative unit there that no further “development work” was carried out.

On June 22, the reactionary security forces announced that they would further intensify anti-naxal operations in the region between West Bengal and Jharkhand due to the CPI's (Maoist) activities, which increased in mid-June.

On June 24, vehicles and machines from a road construction company were set on fire in the Chhattisgarh district. As a result, the news of the reactionary security forces became known to expand and intensify their search operations.

From June 18 to June 20, a large gathering of 10,000 CPI (Maoist) revolutionaries and crowds was held in the Chhattisgarh district (we report about: Meeting of 10.000 revolutionaries). According to bourgeois media, this was secured by 300 revolutionary PLGA fighters and secured by 500 "Jan militias" who support the CPI (Maoist) in holding the meeting.

On June 27, the PLGA defended their territory in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh and injured a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) soldier. On the same day, a list of cadres from the reaction was published and publicly denounced that more than 1,800 murders had happened under their name. This was a public call to deliver the cadres to the reaction! On the same day, the bourgeois reactionary media turned to the masses, especially in the Andhra-Odisha areas, to offer no support to the CPI (Maoist). The month of June shows the excellent successes and struggles of the PLGA under the leadership of the CPI (Maoist). All attempts of reaction to make the revolutionary and communist movement bad among the masses and the attempt to withdraw the support from the masses are unsuccessful. With every stroke of reaction, the People's War in India is gaining strength! Long live the People's War in India! Raise the red flag under the banner of Maoism! Lal Salam!

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