SERBIA - Militant mass protests against "Corona measures"

In several Serbian cities there have been lively and partly militant protests and clashes with the police since Tuesday. In Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevc, Smederevo where there were smaller protests or like in Kragujevac where a police station was pelted with stones. In Belgrade there were the biggest and most militant protests, thousands of people took to the streets and gathered in front of the Parliament, ready to storm it!

The reason for the protests is that once again there are arbitrary Corona measures against the masses. The government had already received a lot of criticism from the population before with its measures. No wonder, passers-by were punished with heavy fines or even put in jail for a few days, while the population was abandoned in health care and real protection measures! Now, with the renewed tightening of the measures, the government is reaping great dislike. Just before those justified protest there have been elections. For those event the lock down was completely lifted and the masses were lured with a 100€ bonus to participate in the elections. The people masses are rightly angry now! Broad sections of the population would have understanding for measures to protect their health, but the government only misleads them, as participants in the protests reported: "We don't mind staying home for another three days - that is not the problem. But we see that it is not about our health, but about oppressing ourselves! ". They also criticize the disproportionate character of the measures "When it suits them to do elections, there is no corona." It is clear that the corona measures are not for the protection and health of the population. As one nurse within the protest pointed out: "For the elections they have money, but for the health system, especially in the pandemic, there is no money." It is right to rebel! The protests and struggles in Serbia are justified!

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