AUSTRIA - Lively demonstration to increase unemployment benefit

In Austria 200 000 people lost their jobs just in the recent months, with the Corona pandemic serving as a welcome pretext for staff cuts. Despite a historically high level of mass unemployment, the concerns of the unemployed were nevertheless worth no more to the ruling class than a one-off payment of €450.

Antifascists, democratic and workers organizations have called for a demonstration and demanded an increase of the unemployment benefit to 80% as well as a reduction in working time to 35 hours per week, with full staff and wage compensation. Those justified demands received much support from the masses. "We're not paying for your crisis - resist and struggle!" was an important slogan that was painted on the banners. One speaker of "Antifaschistische Aktion - Infoblatt" pointed out in her statement, that it is clear that the hypocritical words of the government at the beginning of the so-called Corona crisis "Nobody will be left behind" are nothing but lies. In truth, the Corona aid should be called financial spikes for large companies and capitalists. She also emphasized that the increase of unemployment benefits is also important for all those who still have work, because otherwise wages will be pushed even further down. True cohesion among the people can only be achieved through common struggle!


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