EUROPE - NATO operations were intensified during the pandemic

In mid-June, the imperialists' plans resumed full speed with the large-scale NATO operation in Europe called "Europe Defender". Due to the pandemic, the operation was delayed and small changes were made, but the protection of the popular masses was not considered at all. On the contrary, while in many countries the people are suffering and dying from the pandemic and the actions of the governments, the imperialists of NATO are intensifying their military operations These are the expression of a worldwide contradiction: the contradiction between the imperialist powers themselves, which is again becoming more acute in the current crisis.

Already with the first abatement of the pandemic in some parts of the world, the NATO military operations are resumed at full speed and even gain in intensity. Most recently, the "Baltops" exercise, a NATO military operation in the Baltic Sea, was launched. It is a "training for the war in the Baltic States", which has been conducted regularly since 1972. It lasts from 7th to 16th June and involves 3,000 soldiers from 19 nations, as well as 29 ships and aircraft.

Thousands of NATO soldiers stationed in Poland also resumed their exercises at the beginning of June. From 5th to 19th June, 6,000 soldiers (4,000 of them US soldiers) will lead the military operation called “Allied Spirit”. This exercise is part of the large-scale manoeuvre "Defender Europe 20", which covers the Baltic States, the Balkans and regions of the Black Sea. "Defender Europe 20" is intended to demonstrate the rapid build-up of forces in so-called "NATO Eastern Europe" and Northern Europe. Also another operation did not wait for the pandemic to subside: The US-British naval operation in the Barents Sea. This is located between Norway and Northern Russia and is a very important area for Russian imperialism. It is the first time since the 1980s that a similar exercise is being carried out there. It is obvious that the official attitude "it is not directed against Russia", which has been affirmed again and again, hardly corresponds to reality. Because this exercise is nothing more than a provocation, and as the rulers themselves say, a demonstration of the Western alliance, which is "iron".

This demonstration of power of the Western imperialists, first of all the USA and Germany, serves no other purpose than intimidation and arming for a new imperialist war! These are also no "projects" or "exercises" which could be postponed for a long time, or even the life and health of the masses would take precedence. Not at all, which is why, even while most countries were in a state of emergency, the operations continued. For example, 90% of the material from "Defender Europe 20" has already reached its destination despite the pandemic. This includes 6,000 US soldiers and 9,000 military vehicles. The costs of the US troops and material movements alone amount to 340 million US dollars. While the justified riots and rebellions in the USA are gaining more and more strength, the US imperialism, however, keeps on intensifying the NATO operations - and it has to do so, in order to be able to continue its claim of worldwide leadership.

The situation is similar with Germany, which is massively involved in "Defender Europe 20" with troops, material and above all logistics. In the past, Germany has already had frequently protest against NATO exercises. Because of the costs, against the war, but also because it is well known that it is the population that pays for it. On the one hand because of the costs, but partly even with her life. This has already been shown in the past: In 1988, 361 traffic accidents were caused during the “autumn operation” of NATO, 35 people were seriously injured and six died. Now, with the largest military operation of the last 25 years, large protests are rightly expected, since Germany is becoming a huge hub of the operation. Parts of the Austrian population have also protested in the past against NATO troop transports through Austria. Last summer, there was a large troop transport of the military maneuver "Swift Respinse" through Austria, a NATO maneuver in Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania with 500 soldiers and 243 military vehicles.

The current NATO operations are the largest in about 25 years. They not only cause enormous costs for the workers and the people, they also stand for new preparations of imperialist war. That means armament, militarization and an intensification of the inter-imperialist wars also in the so-called quiet hinterland of the imperialist powers themselves. Protests against NATO and troop transports, are not only justified, but can be very decisive for the creation and strengthening of broader movements against imperialism and the imperialist war!

Down with NATO! Down with the imperialist EU Alliance!

Death to Imperialism!


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