CROATIA - Corona measures eased due to tourism

Croatia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Millions of people go there every year to spend their holidays at the seaside. Due to the "corona crisis" it was not sure for a long time whether there would be normal holiday traffic this year. The Croatian government was one of the first countries in Europe to relax quarantine regulations in order to attract tourists. While the Croatian peoples are suffering from the pandemic, the measures of the ruling class and the massively poor health system (which was mainly cut down by EU regulations), everything is being done to guarantee tourists mainly from the imperialist countries of the EU alliance a nice holiday! But Croatia is not the only country that is trying to revive the tourism industry by relaxing its regulations. Already in April, Erdogan said that he will establish corona-free zones to guarantee the holidaymakers any protection while the masses suffer! Greece is a very good example of the fact that it is all about profit. In recent years, the people masses of Greece have suffered extremely under the measures of the imperialist EU alliance. Among other things, they destroyed the health system! Even exchange markets for medicines were created by the people. In order to revive tourism, the Greek government is now ensuring that there are doctors in holiday resorts throughout the country to ensure the necessary safety for holidaymakers here. These examples clearly show that it is not the health of the people masses that is at stake! A good example of the fact that it is not the health of the population that is at stake, but purely for profit, was shown in Austria too. In Ischgl, a popular ski resort, the first international travel warnings to Austria were issued in early March. Several cases of corona infections were confirmed. However, this did not matter to the hotel owners and the tourism industry. Until the final lock down the health of holidaymakers, workers and the general public was put at risk in order to secure profits! Already in the last few years in Croatia there has been justified protest against the tourism industry, which brings nothing but destruction to the local population! With the so called "corona crisis" and the measures of the ruling class, it becomes clear once again: it is not the popular masses and the working class that profit from tourism, but the imperialists and their stooges!

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