SERBIA - 100 Euro as election gift

The "Corona - Crisis" was the reason for new laws in many countries. That most of them were against the interest of the working class and the peoples and not for their "protection" or "health" is very clear. The ruling class also used the Corona-Pandemic as pretext for massive militarization and repression against the people. In several countries in the Balkans and especially in Serbia, one of the measures for militarization is called the "police hour".

In this hour a time marked for example 22:00 o'clock. If a person was seen on the street after this time and was not on the way to work or could not prove this, he could get punished. These punishments started from 500€ upwards. Which is everywhere a lot of money and especially in the Balkans where the monthly wages are sometimes far below. Many poor people, especially the workless people, hat to go to prison because of punishments like that.

But now there were elections in Serbia and the Serbian government has thought of something very special. They give away to all from the population to the election 100€. That is in Serbia in certain areas as much as a monthly wage! It shows how corrupt the Serbian government is. It was a measure to "motivate" the people in Serbia to go to vote in times of deepening of the general crisis of capitalism, where huge parts of the people lost their trust in the ruling system. But despite this expensive "motivation" to vote, not even 50% of the population in Serbia participated in the election. It proves the high degree of political crisis, which is sharpening due to the general crisis.

Down with imperialism!

Down with parliamentarianism!

For the active boycott of elections!

#serbia #BoycottofElections