PALESTINE – Condemn the annexation, support the resistance!

With the deepening of the general crisis of capitalism, imperialist aggression is increasing. The planned further annexation of Palestine is a very important example. Trumps „deal of the century“ is moving to its first phase of implementation and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that, beginning with July 1st, steps will be taken to annex large parts of the Palestinian Land, like the strategically important Jordan Valley or the northern dead sea. Around 33% of the West bank are part of this devilish plan. The people in the „future annexed areas“ are already counted by Israel, the message is clear, ‚This land already belongs to us‘. The „Palestinian Authority“ has protested the solution, they have offered a „counter-proposal“, and have appealed to the international community. Meanwhile the protest of the masses against these measures is growing. In Palestine itself, protests against the „deal of the century“ have now increased with the news of the annexation plan. Also in Israel, the big and justified protests against the repressive measures taken during the Corona-Pandemic are now joined by demonstrations against the oppression of Palestine. „Palestinian Lives Matter“ these Protests are called, linking symbolically with the "Black Lives Matter" protests against racism and police violence. This heinous act of oppression only serves the imperialists goals of further crushing the Palestinian national struggle, to remove every last Palestinian national of their legitimate land. It could not be more obvious, how these aggression increase with the deepening of the political and economic crisis of Imperialism. Mainly the US Imperialists, and the Israeli expansionists, their loyal lackeys, are forced to increase their aggression. To compansate for their own internal economic crisis, they aimed to crush the resistance and to lay their own crisis on the shoulders of the people of the world. The struggle against this „deal“ is justified! Still, the PA offer of a „counter-proposal“, of a solution not through conflict, but only through diplomacy, is planting the illusion of a possibility of „peaceful coexistance“ in the heads of the people, instead of mobilizing for justified resistance. Still, the continuation of the protests shows that the people are ready to struggle against imperialism, the Imperialists and their puppets will be faced with angry resistance through their plans of annexation and oppression. It is the duty of revolutionaries worldwide, to stand with the palestinian nation in their struggle for national liberation. Freedom for Palestine!

Death to imperialism!

Long live international solidarity!