GERMANY - Riot of the youth

In the night from yesterday to today hundreds of young people raised in a riot in the city of Stuttgard (Baden-Würtemberg). Nearly the whole night the youth struggled against the police and attacked shops in the inner city.

The riot startet spontaniously when the police came to a "drug control" to a 17-year old boy, who was celebrating with his friends. As there was reported in the media the policemen used the control to harass the boy and kicked his bottle of drinking. Spontaniously many young people around solidarized with the boy and throwed bottles and stones at the policemen. When the policemen were attacking the youth the riot startet, nealy 500 young people joined and struggled many hours against the police. 24 young people were arrested in this night.

This rebellion of the youth is a just answer to the repression of the police. Since months the police got due to the corona-measures the "right" to control, sanction and punish the people for every small "offenses". And during this time the police seemingly felt like they can do what they want. The youth from Stuttgard showed that they will not accept the harassment and the repression from the police, and they stood up in solidarity.

Now the bourgeois parties, in all different colours "condemns" the riots of the youth, as silly of "criminal" behavior. In this situations they show clearly that all of them are against the people, supporting the repression and the harassment against the people.

Its right to rebell!

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