BULGARIA/AUSTRIA – International Worker's Aid is getting organized!

Because of the Corona Pandemic many countries are faced with catastrophic impact of capitalism/imperialism on the health care system. Less capacity, hardly enough medical staff, hardly any medical supply for the masses, corruption and of course unacceptable working conditions did not developed because of the so called “Corona-Crises”, but have been demonstrated very clear within the pandemic and significantly contributed to the deadly consequences! Against that, different resistance has grown over the last years in many countries. Especially the determined struggle of the nurses and medical stuff in Bulgaria is a great example for the justified struggle for a health care system to serve the people! The pandemic make the justified demands even more urgent. In Bulgaria the medical stuff is working under very hard conditions without any adequate and sufficient equipment, with much to much working hours – and with more and more less working rights! It is a catastrophic situation, in which weather the health of the medical staff, nor the health of the people’s masses can be secured!

In March last years the nurses of Bulgaria already started to struggle and to get organized. Until now they fought a bravely and determined struggle, they have been able to overcame many problems and attacks of the official reactionary unions and of the rulers. They even formed their own, independent union of the Bulgarian Medical Staff, the SBMS. With that important step they even get more under attack of the rulers. Besides the medical staff, some doctors, other workers and revolutionaries, also the independent workers union ARK is supporting the struggle of the nurses a lot and calling for urgent solidarity with the SBMS!

One important initiative to support the SBMS and the justified struggle of the nurses in Bulgaria was formed in Austria too. On “arbeiterhilfe.wordpress.com” a call was published to support the International Worker's Aid! In the call it is said, that it is not about “help” of one or another government of other countries, as well as the so called “Non Government Organizations”. Both did never approach the objective, but in opposite, deepen the problems, with for example strengthen the power of foreign companies and governments. While independent organizations, which are in deed helping the people, are suppressed and partly strongly combated! The call instead said: “We, the workers have to unite, we have to help and support each others!” That’s why workers of the health care system in Austria, as well as workers from other branches, different struggling unions, anti-fascists and struggling women initiatives are now organizing (for the first time since long time!) International Workers Aid! It is about collecting disinfectant and all kind of infection protection. It is directly for the SBMS, to support their justified struggle against catastrophic working conditions and for a health care system in the service of the people!

That is a great initiative and a good example of international solidarity!

Long live International Solidarity! Support the justified struggle of SBMS and ARK! For more information (in German language) of the International Worker's Aid look at: arbeiterhilfe.wordpress.com.

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