GERMANY – Final trial of the “TKP/ML process” is going to get started!

On Monday, 21st of June, the final trial of the so called “TKP/ML process” is going to get started in Munich/Germany. It is a process against communists, which already started five years ago. During that time all around the world actions in solidarity with the Turkish comrades have been carried out. Also during the last days, in occasion of the final trial, in different countries manifestations took place, in solidarity and defending the justified struggle of the communist, revolutionaries and straight democratic forces!

Following we document a call from Turkish revolutionaries to support the justified struggle against the “TKP/ML process”:

The revolutionary struggle is legitimate and cannot be condemned.

Away with §129 a, b!

In April 2015, the German and Turkish states in an alianz realized an operation against revolutionaries and communists. This operation led to the arrest of 11 revolutionaries from Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Greece. In the following five years this operation became an anti-communist showcase of the German state. The trial against 10 revolutionary, mainly known as the Munich Communists Trial, based on §129 / a-b, accuses the defendants of being members of TKP/ML and of supporting terrorist activities. The definition of terrorism in this respect is openly class justice, which puts the revolutionary ideas and being communist on the target and thus tries to prevent any revolutionary and democratic politics and activity of the oppressed masses. The final stage of the "TKP/ML process" has been reached. The Federal Prosecutor's Office read out its final plea and insisted on demanding heavy punishments for the prisoners. It demanded prison sentences between 3 years and 6 months to 6 years and 9 months. The Federal Public Prosecutor's Office continued to insist on the assessment that "the TKP / ML should be considered a terrorist organization". The German state and its judiciary insist on their reactionary attitude and are determined in their dirty negotiations with the Turkish state. The hearings will be continued in June and July and in the following months as needed. We call upon all progressive, revolutionary, democratic and communist forces; who do not accept these dirty negotiations of the German state with the Turkish state, to act and to condemn the not legitimate condemnation of the German state. In order to turn the political achievements into achievements by law, let's struggle and show solidarity!



Until now, reports of demonstrations and manifestations in Greece, Germany, Switzerland and Austria have been published. Following we share some of the pictures:

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