PHILIPPINES – Protests against Anit-Terror-Bill

In mid-May, the Philippine government passed a new so called "anti-terrorism law", which is only waiting to be signed by the president Duterte, to be used against the masses.

This law stipulates that people without a warrant can be held without charge for up to 24 days. It applies to "people who join terrorist groups or organizations and spread an atmosphere of fear". Furthermore, eavesdropping would be made legally easier with this law. However, certain non-judicial institutions defines what terrorist organizations are. A conviction based on this anti-terrorism law is accompanied by a prison sentence of 12 years. Previously, detainees had to be brought up to the judge who decided to detain them within three days.

This law is clearly aimed primarily against all democratic and revolutionary forces that fight against inhumane anti-drug policies and, above all, against the rotted imperial system against exploitation and oppression. Above all, the Communist Party and its military arm, New People's Army, are attempting to destroy and disintegrate it.

With the announcement of the new bill, thousands of people justified took to the streets in many cities to demonstrate against the law. The rejection of this law was also spread on social media, especially with #JunkTerrorBill, and the masses allied against this project. Thousands of students, democratic activists, revolutionaries, workers and farmers took to the streets to defend their rights to freedom of expression and assembly and to fend off the new law. Some demonstrators were arrested during a demonstration, especially students, and attempts were made to disperse the demonstrations with attacks such as trench gas.

It is not yet known whether the law will now come into force. But the struggle and protests against the anti-terrorist law continue!

Rebellion is justified!

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