EUROPE - During Corona-Pandemic Imperialists continue to lead military exercises

"Defender Europe 2020" is the name of a huge military exercise of the imperialist countries in Europe and the main enemy of all oppressed peoples and nations in the world, US-imperialism, which is currently taking place.

18 states are involved, 20.000 US soldiers are brought to Europe, 33.000 vehicles and 450 tanks are brought directly to the Russian border. These numbers alone show clearly that this is not just an unual "training" that is currently going on. It is part of the preparation for encircling Russian imperialism militarily, and a big step in the further militarisation of the European countries in the favor of the Imperialists.

The US-imperialism has clearly said at the NATO summit in 2016 that it will meet its responsibility for Europe and NATO. Since then there have been some joint exercises.

In the same time, the imperialist countries of the European Union try to develope their own military power, especially with the so called "Permanent Structured Cooperation" (PESCO). Macron emphasized at the security conference in Munich the the "European Army" should not be an alternative to the NATO, but an additional army.

The lynchpin of the "Defender Europe 2020" operation is Germany from where all war material will be sent to the "NATO - Eastern Flank". It shows that the further militarisation of Europe should be led by the German Imperialis.

But the Corona Pandemic has put forward a great deal of propaganda and it would not be surprising if they were to expand the operation to include permanent military stations under the pretext of protecting against the Russian invasion.

No to militarisation, EU-Army and Defender 2020!

Down with imperialism!

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