ROMANIA - nurses are brought to the imperialist countries

Since the "Corona crisis", there has been a shortage of nurses in the imperialist countries. The rulers have changed the regulations with entry and exit banned. There was a lack of nurses before.

On the pressure of the imperialist countries special trains and flights were organized so that nurses can and may enter the countries. Most of the nurses were brought to Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Because they are "most needed" there.

But without taking into account whether the health of the population in Romania is secured. There, the health of the people has been put at risk for years with the privatisation and undermining of the health system.

And now that the health system in the imperialist countries is reaching its limits, they are bringing the nurses to their own countries in order to keep their own health system, which was also cutted down in the last years, somehow alive. The robbery of labour forces from the oppressed to the imperialist countries shows its full ugly face esprecially in times of the so called "Corona-Crisis".

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