New Video on international First May 2020

In the following we publish a video, which expresses the red character of this year's First May as well as the powerful actions that took place worldwide. This year, the international proletariat and the oppressed masses celebrated their day of struggle on First May for the 130th time. They displayed their troops, as Engels said. "And today's spectacle will open the eyes of the capitalists and landlords of all countries to the fact that today the proletarians of all countries are united indeed." (Engels). This year First May also opens the eyes of the international proletariat, the oppressed masses and revolutionaries worldwide. It expressed that First May was defended worldwide under the intensified conditions of crisis, pandemic and repression. The First May 2020 was held up and defended to organise the masses, give perspective and show the way to revolution! Therefore, we are especially pleased to publish this video, which expresses the vitality and struggle of First May 2020!

Long live the 130th anniversary of May First!

Long live the great Friedrich Engels!

Cast away the illusion and launch into fight!

#FirstMay #ProletarianInternationalism