INDIA - New's on People's War

Since May 1, 2020, PLGA campaigns have increased. Contrary to the claims of the rulers, the actions of the communists and revolutionaries do not become weaker, but stronger. Here, too, the bourgeois media cannot avoid reporting on it. Actions are also taking place against the bourgeois old Indian state in the "retaken" areas claimed by the rulers. On May 10, 13 vehicles were set on fire in a quarry in Bihar, Germany. According to the authorities, the workers were encouraged by the PLGA to stop working before the vehicles were mixed with the explosives. A leaflet was left showing the disastrous working conditions and the environmental damage caused by the company.

On May 11, an employee of the Central Reserve Police Unit in Chhattisgarh State was killed. On May 12, there were battles between the PLGA and the PLGA in the state of Jharkhand. On May 15, leaflets were distributed in the state of Telangana, condemning the rulers' crimes and lies and demanding higher wages for the tribal areas there. Especially in this region, the rulers spread the lie that the Maoists steal food from the Adivasi.

The same day, the senior police officer of the Hawk Force special unit was wounded in Madhya Pradesh state. After this successful action by the PLGA, another search operation by the "Hawk Force" was initiated, so far unsuccessful.

On May 17 (probably) two police officers were killed and others injured in the forest area between the state of Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. The reaction had been on attack in the forest for several days and was ambushed by the PLGA. On May 20, fighters blocked a street in the state of Maharashtra in Gadchiroli district and a truck convoy was stopped with banners and burned after an evacuation. This is because a comrade was murdered by the reaction. Shortly afterwards the PLGA attacked the Ministry of Forestry office because it is also directly involved in clearing the forest to combat the people's war. A banner was also left here.

Contrary to the claims and attempts of the rulers, the developments in the People's War in India continue to expand and are intensified by the "corona crisis". The rulers' attempts to prevent the masses from supporting the PLGA with lies are unsuccessful.

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