FRENCH STATE - Repression and Terror: Protest and people's solidarity is the answer of the peopl

Repression and police violence: revolts, protest and people' s solidarity is the people's answer!

Two nights in a row there were again revolts and riots in Paris, after the murder of the 18-year-old Sabri by the police on Saturday. Sabri did not die, as is often reported, by accident, he was murdered by police harassment! During one of the numerous police checks (in this quarter there are more than twice as many checks as on average elsewhere), he was pursued and deliberately driven to his death. Quite rightly, many young people and residents of the neighbourhood took to the streets, defending themselves and fighting. They shot at the police with fireworks, erected burning barricades and attacked the police. On Monday evening, the police were already guarding some housing estates and fired shots of tear gas.

The rulers are trying to make excuses. They claim that the death of the teenager is being used as an excuse for people to vent their frustration with the pandemic. The French masses know only too well that this is absolute nonsense!Nor has it been the first case of police violence during "ordinary" checks since the pandemic (and certainly not in recent history!). Already in April there was a similar case - and already then the masses responded with justified rebellion!

Not least the great "yellow vest protests" expressed this well last year - and they too protested now, on 18 May again! But while (as in many other countries) there is a general relaxation of the initial restrictions, the right to freedom of assembly is denied, the right to free political activity under the pretext of "Corona" remains practically forbidden. This was already pointed out by the French rulers before the demonstration, which in no way prevented the "yellow vests" from taking to the streets. Despite repression and police violence: In several cities, such as Paris, Lyon, Montpellier or Saint-Nazaire, hundreds of demonstrators came and resisted. There were clashes, militant clashes, the bourgeois media reported "hunting scenes", and arrests.The activists thus sent an important signal not to be intimidated and to resume the struggle with determination!

The "young revolutionaries" (jeunes revolutionnaires) have also been sending an important signal for weeks now, with their exemplary work of people's solidarity! They develop the political struggle in the masses, organize the important solidarity and give the popular masses a class-conscious, revolutionary orientation!

Revolt, protest and people's solidarity, this is the people's answer to the repression and terror of the ruling class!

Rebellion is justified!

Long live international solidarity!

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