TURKEY - Militants remember Ibrahim Kaypakkaya

On the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the murder of Communist Leader Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, powerful actions were carried out by the militants of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) in different countries!

TKP/ML militants put up the banners with armed security in Istanbul! They declared that they would commemorate the communist leader Kaypakkaya by expanding his struggle with agitation in the 47th year of his murder! In the militants' statement, they said that they would commemorate the immortal leader of their glorious 48-year history in the 47th year of his murder. They call on to organize in the ranks of their party and to struggle in the ranks of their People's Army TIKKO.

"Long live our party called TKP / ML, our People's Army TIKKO and TMLGB!"

TKP/ML militants put up banners of TKP/ML-TİKKO in the Athens district of Exarchia. TKP/ML militants also placed a TKP/ML-TİKKO-TMLGB banner at the Polytechnic University on the same day in memory of İbrahim Kaypakkaya.

In the busiest places in Zurich, a banner was placed with the slogan “May 18, 1973… Kaypakkaya lives and struggle CPM / ML”:

In Basel, the founding of the party was welcomed with banners and the great Communist brahim Kaypakkaya was also remembered in busy places with banners!

Long live Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, the leader of struggle of Proletarian World Revolution in Turkey!

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