BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Capitalismus is a Virus!

In the following we publish a contribution of the Partija Rada from Bosnia and Herzegovina in our own translation. The article points out that not the virus but capitalism is the greater evil:

No matter how real or not the danger of the virus, the fear and crisis that arose from it are real. In any somewhat reasonably regulated system, a drop in consumption followed by a drop in production would not be a problem. They are the only problem in a system that depends on the production of surplus or the artificial creation of a deficit, all for the sake of the earnings and profits of the few ruling class. This virus, like many other diseases and misfortunes that have accompanied the human race since its inception, is not a supernatural or unstoppable force. We were not attacked by aliens, nor did any natural disaster, earthquake, tsunami, asteroid impact ... Viruses are natural phenomena. It is unnatural to read economic systems, even the so-called ones. economic forces, they collapse because people for a change have started spending money only on what they really need. And if these systems are facing such a small challenge, that they are ready to openly sacrifice the lives of their people for the sake of "saving the economy", we should ask ourselves what will happen when we are hit by a much bigger disaster ... There is no economy without people and an economy that does not serve the people, but they serve it, should not exist. That is why we say: capitalism is an unnatural and mind-opposed system, to which we must come with our heads before it comes to our heads!

After this crisis, nothing will go back to normal. And you don't have to! It is impossible to return to "normal" because what we lived before the pandemic was not normal. The direction in which these changes will go depends on us and no one has the luxury of being able to give up responsibility for the future.


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