BULGARIA – Again justified protests of the medical stuff!

A day before May 12th, when the World Nurses' Day is celebrated, the nurses and the medical stuff of Bulgaria went on protest! They struggle against catastrophically condition in the health care, even before the pandemic they went on protest, but now within the pandemic it is getting even much more worse! One nurse, she is one of the initiators, said: "Our profession is already dead. She was killed by the carelessness of politicians, lobbying interests, the greed of many employers and the lethargy of society! Today in Bulgaria there are slaves in white aprons, but no nurses!” For better conditions for the working class and against the exploitation and plundering through imperialism, the protesters further said: “In order to celebrate, working conditions and payment must be changed, because we have been waiting for this change for years! We must bring back the young specialists in Bulgaria and restore the respect for the profession! ”

In recent weeks, the medical stuff was working under extremely bad condition against the COVID-19 pandemic. The nurses warned even at the beginning, that the problem is about who will be able to care about the sick – not how to accommodate them. Since than there is no protective equipment, even the trivial working rights are out of order and there is much too less medical stuff!

On May 12nd at exactly 12 o'clock, the medical specialists again claimed their demands to the Council of Ministers. More than 10,000 Bulgarians stand behind them and signed their document of demands! The document will also be submitted to the Presidency, Parliament and the Ministry of Health.

Previously the protests of the nurses often have been discredit by the rulers and their media. The false story was spread, they are just “crazy crying women”, “totally overreacting”, and so on… Now a days, especially under the condition of the pandemic, the truth is shown to everyone! In many countries it is like the situation of the medical stuff in Bulgaria. It is nothing else than derision, when WHO designated 2020 as “the year of the nurses and midwives”. Just in one way we can agree: When we look at the nurses in Bulgaria and their strong-minded, boldly and persistently struggle!

"Masks are to keep quiet", the nurses adamant pronounce: "We will not be silent! We will fight to the end!”

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