CHILE – Actions of peoples solidarity

Since the beginning of April the comrades of Chile have evolved solidarity work for the people. A Supply Network of the Territorial Assembly of Maipú "18 de Octubre", which has his base in the rebellion of the masses last year, has now created an supply network for the most urgent needs of the masses in the area.

With alot of determination the comrades took on this important task and evolved it further, that now over 65 family groups are included in the self organized network. With a high degree of discipline they make sure that hole process is carried out under high standards of security that there is no danger for the peoples health. With the clear convication that from the old burocratic-capitalist state will not come any “help“, that only the people can help themselves, the comrades evolve the organisation of the masses.

Dismantling the ruling propaganda the comrades connect more and more with the masses, they are moving on building new networks and make important steps for organizing the solidarity of the people.


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