PERU - Jail Riot - 9 prisoners killed!

The spread of the Corona-Virus has not halted in front of prisons.

In the Miguel Castro Castro prison in Lima, Peru, inmates started a protest

because in prisons 600 inmates and 100 prison-personell were already confirmed of being infected!

In the protest sixty guards, five police officers and two inmates were injured.

Nine inmates were killed, because as they were demandind better sanitation conditions in jail,

the police used sharp ammunition to stop their protest, whcih they cynically commented as being

"an opportunity to stage a break out". Family members of prisoners that were visiting

confirmed the use of sharp ammunition.

The Castro Castro prison houses more than twice the inmates it can hold

(5500 inmates in a 2000 inmate capacity). Conditions, which adding to the lacking sanitation

measures and lack of COVID-19 tests, make prisons breeding spots for the virus.

In Peru's most populous prison Lurigancho prison,

which houses over 10.000 inmates, the prisoners also protested demanding more testings.

The inmates climbed a roof and spread a big banner which read "We want the tests of COVID-19.

We have a right to live!".


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