MEXICO - Manifesto First of May 2020

We publish here an unofficial translation of a document published at Sol Rojo Mexico:

First of May (1890-2020)

130 years of international proletarian celebration!

„But not only has the bourgeoisie forged the weapons that bring death to itself; it has also called

into existence the men who are to wield those weapons – the modern working class – the proletarians.“

Manifesto of the Communist Party

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.


To the working class and the workers

To the democratic and revolutionary syndicalist movement

To the International Communist Movement

We salute the great masses of the industrial and agricultural proletariat, to the enormous army of workers that being employed or unemployed give material life to our class, that is one and is internationalist.

We salute all our proletarian comrades that resist and rebell against the terrible inhuman conditions of oppression and exploitation, of wage contention and reduction, of lockouts, of cuttings in work-wages, of the dismanteling of rights, of obligatory work in non-essential work despite the pandemic, to which from the sweatshops, the factories, the deposits, the workshops and the workplaces show the enormous capacity of combat of our class against the employers.

It‘s clear comrades that this general economic crisis of imperialism, added to the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism and the sanitary emergency are generating a time bomb that sooner or later is going to explode. We have to impose our organisatonal experience, our tradition of struggle and our historic program to the spontaneous explosion of the masses.

We are being forced to feed the production and the services with our workforce, with our health, with our lives. The state is unable to provide us with social security or public health. The say „stay home“ and they force us to work to keep our jobs. They say „stay home“ and our hunger wages are reduced to the absolute minimum. They say „stay home“ and our families demand bread from us. If we have to stay home during this pandemic, it will also be to stop production.

In this moment it‘s totally valid the call to the General Strike for the Defense of the Working Class. General Strike now! Let the big rich pay for the economic and sanitary crisis!

Even the Classics of Scientific Communism have shown us with clarity the way towards the classist organisation and struggle to abolish the exploitation of men by men, to end the contradictions between men and women, between city and land, between intellectual and manual work. The way to the emancipation and fraternity of the proletarian class and with it, the whole of humanity.

It‘s the First of May and we should never forget this!

It‘s the First of May and 130 years have passed since the first time that our class decided to commemorate this date to honour the memory of our martyrs, elevating that struggle towards the strategic program of the Proletarian World Revolution, towards the take of power, towards the revolutionary transformation of society, towards the elimination of the private property of the means of production, towards the socialization in the hands of the state of the working class.

It‘s the First of May, day of our army of men and women, of the proletarian army that has as its goal the emancipation of the working class, the poor peasantry and the broadest and deepest masses of the people.

That‘s right comrades! Even in middle of this confinement because of the COVID-19 disease, that is being taken advantage of by the old landowner-bureaucratic states in countries like Mexico, and that is increased by imperialism in middle of their general crisis, even in the middle of the multiple impediments that do not allow the streets and squares of the world to be filled by a wave of red flags, our struggle has to stay firm and has to express itself in thousands of ways, in every way possible for us depending on the place, the conditions and the capacities.

With these short words, but also with clear actions, taking part in creation of Committees of Sanitation and Hygiene in Defense of the People, making informative, preventive and sanitation actions, we are trying to contribute our grain of sand to take care of the health and life of the people, strenghtening their organisation, preparing it for the moment we will again be able and should get out to the streets en masse.


This call does not stop being important even though we cannot show our muscle on the streets in middle of the Third Phase of the epidemy.

It has to remain clear, as soon as it is possible, as soon as it becomes necessary, the articulated force of the proletariat, the workers and the people have to retake the struggle on the streets in defense of the rights of the proletariat and the people.

Long live the red, internationalist and proletarian First of May!

First of May, 130 years of international proletarian celebration!

Workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite!

Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo (Current of the People Sol Rojo)

1st of May 2020


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