Turkey - Struggle on the 1st of May 2020

Despite the three-day curfew, numerous people went to the streets on May 1st in Turkey to celebrate International Working Day. The focus was on slogans against high unemployment, repression against journalists and the call to end the one and a half year state of emergency. The demonstrators tried to get to Taksim Square. Protests at Taksim Square have a long tradition on May 1st. After the justified rebellions against the AKP in 2013, in which thousands of people were injured and killed, demonstrations are prohibited at this place. The attempt to get to Taksim Square was prevented with a huge police force. Around 30,000 police officers with three helicopters, 85 water throws and 70 armored vehicles were deployed to prevent the masses from fighting. Almost 90 people were arrested!

May 1st is the international day of the struggle of the working class - the masses in Turkey have shown that the corona measures are not used to protect health and have not been prevented by repression to actually go to this day!

LONG LIVE THE FIRST OF MAY – THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE PROLETARIAT! Long live international solidarity! Immediate release of all political prisoners!

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