BURKINA FASO - Struggle in public sector against wage cuts

On 7th of february the workers in the public sector and the union went on strike and protest against a new tax imposed on allowances and bonuses for civil servants. With support from workers of private production sectors, they made a demonstration in the Burkinabe capital of Ouagadougou with 200.000 of protesters. The reduction of salaries, ranging from 1,5 to 7,5 euros, affect 190.000 workers of the public sector.

"We have demanded, purely and simply, not only the withdrawal of the implementation of the IUTS on premiums and allowances for workers, whether public, semi-public or private, but also the immediate reimbursement of the cuts that have been made", said the spokesperson of the Workers of Burkina trade union.

In the end of April the Burkinabé government suspended 739 wages for the strike actions. Fifty unions announced on 22th of April that the wages of 739 workers have been suspended following the strike against the application of the Single Tax on Salaries and Wages. The unions and workers announced that if the government doesn't withdraw that law, the resumption of classes in schools which are closed because of the Corona-virus will be blocked by the public workers and unions. They call up to withdraw the repression and attacks on the workers rights in the public sector.

Again the ruling classes show that they want to use the Corona-virus to repress the struggles of the workers and the masses and shift the costs of the aggravating crisis of imperialism onto the people. The struggles against the attacks on the worker's rights, on their sallaries and against repression is justified and shows that the so-called Corona-crisis is not affecting everybody "the same", but is also aggravating the class struggle and the struggle against imperialism.

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