AUSTRIA - Long live the 150th anniversary of the birth of Lenin!

"Brain of the class, sense of the class, strength of the class, glory of the class- this is the party. The Party and Lenin are twins, two sons of history mother: geniuses. We say: Lenin - and mean the party; we say: the party - and mean: Lenin"

Vladimir Mayakovsky

This year, on April 22nd was the 150th anniversary of the birthday of one of the greatest leaders of the international proletariat: Lenin! The great Stalin, faithful companion and continuator of Lenin's heir said on the commemorative evening of the Kremlin students on 28 January 1924:

"Lenin was born for revolution. He was, in truth, the genius of revolutionary outbreaks and the greatest master of the art of revolutionary leadership."

“In times of revolution he literally blossomed forth, became a seer, divined the movement of classes and the probable zigzags of the revolution, seeing them as if they lay in the palm of his hand. It was with good reason that it used to be said in our Party circles: “Lenin swims in the tide of revolution like a fish in water.”

Hence the “amazing” clarity of Lenin’s tactical slogans and the “breath-taking” boldness of his revolutionary plans. (...)”

Lenin was a genius of the revolution and believed in the creative power of the masses.

Stalin further said: “... Lenin’s constant precept: learn from the masses, try to comprehend their actions, carefully study the practical experience of the struggle of the masses.

Faith in the creative power of the masses—this was the feature of Lenin’s activities which enabled him to comprehend the spontaneous process and to direct its movement into the channel of the proletarian revolution.”

Even today, it is still true for all communists and revolutionaries in the world: Have faith in your own strength, in the strength of the masses, because they are the ones who make the world's history! Lenin showed us the creative power of the masses. With the creation of the first proletarian state in the world. For the first time in the history of mankind, not one exploiting class was replaced by another, but all exploitation of man by man was crushed.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Lenin, revolutionaries in Austria came together to hold Lenin and his work in high esteem. They discussed excerpts from his writings, as these are important guids for the organization of the masses on the road of the world proletarian revolution. In honour of Lenin, big posters were put up in busy places with the important slogan: "Everything is deception, except power!"

To uphold and defend the great Lenin means to have confidence in the creative force of the masses and show them the revolutionary path. If we move forward boldly, we will be able to live up to the legacy of the great Lenin, hold it high and defend it and apply it under the great banner of Maoism!

Long live the great Lenin, leader of the International Proletariat!

Everything is deception, except power!


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