ASIA - The people‘s wars in the corona crisis

Concerning Asia, even the WHO speaker for the western Pacific had to admit on March 30th: „Let me be clear. The epidemic is far from over in Asia and the Pacific.“ Especially in the oppressed countries, health care is made impossible for the absolute majority of the people because of imperialism. Hundred thousand of deaths due to Corona is not as big a threat to the imperialists profits as a health care system for the people. Thus the battle against the Corona Virus becomes a battle by the people against the Imperialist oppression, with its highest form being the people‘s wars.

In Asia, the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the Communist Party of Turkey/ Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) and the Communist Party of the Philippines, that are waging the glorious people‘s wars in their countries, have taken up the struggle for people‘s health care as a part in people‘s war.

While the fascist old Indian state has put in place measures against the Virus, like lockdowns,the CPI(Maoist) did not attack the measures as such. Comrade Ganesh instead critized that no measures were taken when the desease broke in China. He proceeded to ask how the Indian ruling classes could control corona with insufficient medical facilities and testing centers in the cities, in a country where Millions of people have no access to clean water and soap, let alone health care. The CPI(Maoist) is demanding in the struggle that the government provides the public with essential commodities and paid holidays for workers.

The lockdown implimented by the rulers of the old Indian state, the Hindu-Fascist Modi regieme has so far only lead to unemployment for masses of people,like tens of thousand migrant workers, that are now moving at once from the cities back to the villages. While the CPI(Maoist) has announced that they have taken measures in the liberated areas, it is only laughable that the old Indian state is trying to accuse them of „spreading Corona“, making public that their troops are holding the mandatory distance during their counter-revolutionary genocidal attacks against the people in the liberated areas.

In the Philippines, the Duterte regieme is enforcing the quarantine on the people with gunforce, but not on buisnesses. News are coming that the Communist Party of the Philippines is meanwhile carrying out a mass campaign against the virus, even building hospitals, while at the same time staying „ready to give battle to AFP and PNP (Philippine national Police) units which continue to conduct offensive operations or conduct suppression activities against the people.“

The people‘s wars in Peru, India, Turkey and the Philippines, the guiding stars for revolutionaries worldwide are creating the new while destroying the old. Likewise, efficient measures against the coronavirus have to be won against the rule of the imperialist bourgeoisie, that has proven that their interest for exploitation overweighs their interest for people‘s health.

Support the people‘s wars worldwide!

Down with imperialism! All reactionaries are paper tigers!

Long live the proletarian avantgarde!

Long live the proletarian world revolution!

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