BELGIUM - Rebellion after teenager was murdered by police!

After a 19-year-old youth was murdered on Friday evening in Belgium during a police checkup, there were continued rebellions last weekend.

The teenager refused to identify himself during a police check to comply with the "Corona measures" and fled with his scooter. As if this adolescent had committed a "serious crime", the police started a chase in which the adolescent was killed by a collision with the police car (!).

Friends and relatives of the victim of this terrible police arbitrariness, as well as people in solidarity, gathered the day after in front of the city hall in Brussels for a funeral procession to send a signal against this negligent murdering of their friend and relative. The police tried to break up the meeting with truncheons, which met with justified resistance. This led to riots and fights with the police that lasted throughout the weekend. Over 100 of the rebelling youths have been arrested.

This crime committed by the Belgian police against the young person, his friends and family, is now part of a series of repressive measures and arbitrary punishments against the workers and the masses. While the health protection in many companies is still inadequate, the governments "help out" with billion dollar corporations, the "normal" population, the young people, workers and masses are punished with high penalties if they "do not comply" with the prescribed measures.

Rebellion is justified!

Resist and fight: against police arbitrariness and repression!


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