SERBIA - Corona and what‘s behind Corona

“We are convinced that the evil inflicted by the Corona crisis will also

produce something good, namely that the hatred against the

rulers and the dictatorship of capital will increase even more”

Following we publish an unofficially translation of an article of the Serbian Partija Rada, concerning the “Corona-Crisis” and its impact on the world situation, workers and oppressed masses.


Corona and what‘s behind Corona

Almost everything has been said about the new pandemic, and there is almost nothing to add, and yet nothing is known, only speculation, rumors and misinformation are spread.

What we know for sure is that this is just another registered wave of the virus, which is affecting humanity with all its consequences for public health and leading to inevitable death.

But the purpose of this text is to look at it from a different angle.

In recent years, the process of the collapse of a unipolar world dominated by Western imperialism, or rather by the United States, has collapsed, inevitably leading to unprecedented historical turbulence and conflict. A neoliberal global project is collapsing before our eyes and it will claim millions of lives. We also believe that it is wrong to believe that weakening the supremacy of Western imperialism will create a multipolar world of equal domination between more imperialist countries like the United States, China, Russia and others. We believe that not only a unipolar world based on the dictatorship of capital is impossible, but that neither a multipolar world nor any world based on capital is possible. Simply put - we have reached the end. At present, the world is increasingly based on completely irrational principles, in which everything is possible and in which no norms, rules - no longer apply - when everything is allowed. Great powers are waging conflicts and weapon attempts in other areas; there are oil and trade wars; half of the world is under various sanctions; the most reactionary ideologies are being promoted and the most reactionary movements are armed; the global financial system is barely functioning; the government no longer cares how many people suffer for various reasons...

What does the text above has to do with Corona or the consequences of Corona?

Corona as one of the "black death" is the biggest blow to the poorest and most disadvantaged classes, for many reasons.

Workers will have to continue to work so that business does not come to a complete standstill, and they will be the most exposed and vulnerable to these epidemics.

Workers and other deprived people who have little or no access will be almost excluded from the possibility of receiving basic health care, not to mention the possibility of other privileges within the treatment.

Workers and other deprived people and their families will be the most vulnerable and unable to provide for shortages because they will not be able to provide food and other essentials in the event of restrictions.

Workers and many others will be made redundant as a result of a pandemic or will be paid less and "condemned to death", even without Corona. And so on...

In addition to its harmful effects on the health of all of us, our loved ones and the whole of society, Corona has taken off the mask of this false and hypocritical world we live in and shows what the ruling classes are and what selfish interests they pursue.

It shows how the ruling class cries out for solidarity when threatened, while on other occasions it ruthlessly tramples and plunders.

That is why this small deadly virus that forces and kills us also has this "liberating role" by showing the world in a more realistic light than that imposed on us by this propaganda and the media.

We are aware that the ruling class will try to use Corona and the next pandemics to strengthen the global fascist dictatorship, but also that the resistance after the Corona crisis will grow anyway through arithmetic or geometric progression.

And we repeat - we are convinced that the evil inflicted by the Corona crisis will also produce something good, namely that the hatred against the rulers and the dictatorship of capital will increase even more.

And this is already something of a messenger. A harbinger of the storm.

Death to the Corona and the dictatorship of capital!

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