AUSTRIA/FRANCE – Revolutionaries and activists organize people‘s solidarity!

We are very glad to report on solidarity activities, which have been developed in France in Austria by revolutionary forces. The organization of the solidarity between the proletariat and the masses in a situation, which worsens the conditions for the people, shows the struggle for a deep connection with the masses. This connection with the masses, the help with the concern of the masses, will be the basis for the revolutionaries to be also able to develop the struggle further. In the light of exploding unemployment rates, repression, attacks on democratic and workers rights, that tight connection with the masses will be a crucial point, to also struggle for being able to connect with the masses and lead the struggle for their demands in the upcoming struggles in the next period of time. The revolutionaries show that they are willing to develop the revolutionary work in every situation, that they can show perspective to the working class and the people‘s masses. In this situation it is important that the proletariat and the people‘s masses stand tightly shoulder to shoulder, to be able to fight back the attacks of the bourgeoisie and also to safeguard and protect themselves against the threat of the deadly Covid-19 virus.


French revolutionaries called up for „Popular Solidarity“ already in the beginning of the spread of the virus and the lock-down of the country. They reported:

„As soon as the lockdown was announced, our organization called for popular solidarity and the deployment of new programs in our cells. The day after the lockdown started, the first program was launched. These programs include help with groceries, laundry, animals, as well as fabrication of hydro-alcoholic gel to be distributed. These programs were posted in buildings, as well as shops that are remained open. They are especially directed towards vulnerable people as well as people who continue to work in the current situation and need a bit of relief with day-to-day tasks. We received local support with these initiatives and have been able to mobilize beyond our own comrades. We aim at continuing this way and developing new programs everywhere possible to continue to agitate, organize and mobilize in the current situation.“

„Regarding workplaces, it is important to continue to act on this front. People who still have to go to work today are proletarian, and a good amount of them are from the heart of the proletariat, the working class. We have encouraged our comrades to give testimonies on the situation in their workplace and develop work with their colleagues. We also use the current situation to further develop our organization on the ideological, political and organizational fronts.“

With that activities they show also the „crisis-management“ of the ruling class, which is not protecting the health of the people: „The situation over here is getting worse as time passes. The peak in infections and deaths is supposed to be reached around the middle of April. This is due to the government’s response to the crisis. Initially, for the entire months of January and February, the government treated the emergency as a small issue, not worthy of any measures. Some of Macron or the Minister for Health’s speeches called for French people to “continue to live” and “go out” as late as March. (...) To summarize, the effect of the current pandemic on the masses has been overwhelmingly negative: an increase in police violence, violence against women and children, a deepening of the contradictions at work (Amazon going so far as to call its workers to “sacrifice for France”!).“


In Austria the revolutionaries and antifascists developed various activities of solidarity for the working class and the people's masses. The activities were documented at the web-page of "Antifascist Action - Information sheet"

The activists organized „Neighborhood-help“ and went to buy food for older neighbors. They point out, that there is not „Team Austria“ like the ruling class want to tell us now, the solidarity is for the „Team working class and people‘s masses“.

As well there were activities organized by the Red Women Committees, to give save masks to the workers and the people. In general there is a lack of masks, and there are no free masks provided by the government. Especially workers, who had to go to work all the past weeks, were thankful for the solidarity, because their bosses don‘t provide the masks for them.

As well there were activities to provide hygiene- and health suppliers and distributed in the neighborhood for the people. Also the neighbors and old people were supported with everyday needs, like cutting hair for them. Antifascists also organized to play music in front of an house for old people, who are isolated now and listened to the play from their windows.

They reported: "In the so-called "Corona-crisis" the exploitation and oppression of the working class and the people is intesified enormously, what can be seen with the massive unemployment, short-time work, Millions for big monopolies or repression against the people. The ruling class tries to use the solidarity within the masses for their own goals, they pretend that there would be a "classless-solidarity". But we pay for the unemployment, for the short-time work and the health care system, which was cutted down from the ruling class more and more."

The activists raised the slogan: „Raise solidarity! For a health care system in the service of the people!“

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