INDIA – Biggest attack by the CPI(Maoist) in years

The wave of the Corona-Pandemic in India was answered by the old Indian state, loyal to the imperialists, with criminal neglect for the peoples masses, and a wave of fascist counter-revolutionary violence against the people‘s struggles, on another level against the people‘s war.

“Operation Prahar”, the rulers of India are calling the latest advance against the disputed areas in Chattisgarh, the state with the most liberated areas. In a land where most of the people do not have access to soap, let alone health services, the claim underlying the offensive that "Maoists are spreading the Corona-Virus" is both criminal and false.

On March 21st, there has been one of the biggest recent stand offs in recent history between the old Indian state troops and the combatants of the PLGA. In the aftermath of the encounter, the CPI(Maoist) issued a statement with detailed photographic proof.

“The Maoists have [these proofs] to tell the world that the claims made by the police were false.” a statement by the reaction said. “It’s also part of their propaganda strategy.” It is indeed essential to crush the lies of the ruling class, be it the details of a single encounter or the almighty truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. This makes the people’s War an immortal enemy to the old Indian state.

“Three of our comrades got martyred while fighting bravely with the security forces.” their statement reads further (according to the old Indian states media), rejecting the lies of 8-10 fallen comrades. “While paying our tributes to our martyrs, we are determined to continue our struggle against the state (expl: the old Indian state) and fulfil the unfinished job. Its a victory of the people (of Bastar) and PLGA.”

The martyred Comrades Sanju, Rajesh and Sukhju are immortal!

Long live the peoples war in India!

Long live the CPI(Maoist)!

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