IRAN – The US-imperialist warmongers stop at nothing to prepare their aggression

Amidst the surge of the corona-virus pandemic, the US did not wait lot to take up their warmongering efforts against Iran. "Iran or its proxies are planning a sneak attack on US troops and/or assets in Iraq. If this happens, Iran will pay a very heavy price, indeed!", Donald Trump announced via Twitter, as the US troops increased their activities in Iraq and the Persian gulf region.

The ominous oil tanker attacks last year, that all failed to be traced to Iran, the constant violation of Iranian Air space, the almost-aggression, when Iran attacked a surveillance drone, and the murderous and unprovoked aggression of assassinating Irans Chief General Quassim Soleimani showed us that the “sneak attack” is in fact the tactic of US-Imperialistm.

Iran has been heavily hit by the corona pandemic, with 53,183 patients and 3,294 deaths (numbers from 4th of April). Even the WHO has said Washington would be complicit in the rising death toll in Iran if it would not remove its sanctions, that are stopping Iran from purchasing medical equipment and food from other countries. Now with a military aggression, the US imperialists would increase the health risk in the country and the whole region even further.

The people of Iran must chose those as their leaders, who will lead them to struggle against imperialism most successfully. There can be no peace with imperialism, and no safe ceasefire with US imperialism, the main enemy of the peoples worldwide. The situation of corona-pandemic shows this again in an cruel way!

Support the Iranian people’s struggle!

Down with US imperialism!

Long live international solidarity!

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