SOUTH AFRICA - Corona: Repression, evictions and protests of the people

The South African government took the harshest measures in the course of corona-virus which have enormous affects on the working class and the people. There were several protests and resistance from the working class and the peoples masses against bad protection of the people‘s health and repression from police and military.

The enforcement of the measures is not the same for all the people. While the rich, mostly white, ruling classes stay at home, have „hamstered“ enough to stay at home quite a while, the black majority and especially the poor people in the townships can not follow that measures. The supermarkets in the Townships are full, a lot of people are waiting to get inside, because the majority doesn‘t have enough money to buy for longer time, they get state money only in cash,… In Johannesburg the military forces even fired with rubber bullets into a crown in front of the Supermarket.

Already on the first day of the „National Shutdown“ there were several forced forced evictions. The federal Government and its private security forces „Calvin Security“ used that time of „Shutdown“ to illegally evict occupied houses (the occupation of land for the poor people is increasing hugely in the last years). The official reason was that the people living inside didn‘t follow the governmental restrictions on the Corona-virus. It is obvious that the ruling classes use that situation to enforce criminal measures against the people, with the justification of „health“.

Several unions declare that a lot of companies declared themselves as „essential services“, in order to conscript their workers to continue to work. They also criticized that may workers forcefully have to take their whole holiday now.

Also the nurses union protested against there is not enough protective clothing for the nurses, the health care workers and hospitals.

Not later than now the ANC led government and all the traditional anti-apartheid parties show that they are part of the ruling classes now and don‘t represent the interests of the worker and the masses. The health care system in South Africa only serves the ruling minority, mostly white exploiters, the majority of the people is not even in a situation to fulfill the measures against Corona-virus, because their situation doesn‘t allow them. The ruling class is not trying to protect the health of the peoples, but the political and economical system, which serves imperialism. It's right to rebel!

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