INTERNATIONAL – 8th of March International Women‘s Day of Struggle

“The international women’s day is an international celebration for revolution, a step towards world revolution.”(…) these words were written by the communist Clara Zetkin, who proposed the “International Women’s Day”, the 8th of March, 110 years ago. This year the communists and revolutionaries took up this task, which was given by the Communist International to the revolutionary and communist women around the world, to unleash the force of the women for revolution. All around the world we see women being active parts in the people’s struggles and revolutionary struggles and also being parts within the high ranks of the most progressive current struggles, within the People’s Wars and their leadership, the communist parties.

Women are suffering double exploitation and oppression, this is why they need to be specially mobilized, organized and politicized. This truth is shown in Millions of women around the world who struggle against the ugliest faces of patriarchy, like women killings, violence against women etc., but also against the exploitation from capital. That is why the 8th of March was proposed 110 years ago, to mobilize the women for their demands and make them a strong revolutionary force: "Our demands are practical conclusions that we draw from the burning needs, the shameful humiliations of women as weak and lawless in the bourgeois order." (Clara Zetkin)

On this year’s 8th of March the communist and revolutionary forces made a lot of activities and showed the necessity to organize the women for revolutionary struggle and to forge from within the women’s masses leaders and communists. Here we want to show a report of activities from various countries, but want to stress that it is not complete all activities which have been made.


The worldwide biggest revolutionary women’s movement is in India, led by the Communist Party of India (maoist), which also leads the People’s War. Already on 8th of March, the hindu-fascist media reported furiously about the activities of the “Maoists” and propagated activities of the Communist Party of India (maoist). ) On the 8th of march the CPI(maoist) hey released a list of 22 women cadres, which were killed in the struggle during the past year. That response shows the powerful struggle of the revolutionary movement and the work within the women’s masses, who in their 100.000s join the revolutionary struggle. The people’s war in India, and the great percentage the women hold within it, is a good example for all revolutionary women in the world.

Read here the reports of the bourgeois media: Link 1, Link 2




In Brazil there were various activities from the revolutionary forces, especially we want to highlight activities from the Popular Women’s Movement (MFP).

On 7th of March the MFP held a event with about 50 peasants from the revolutionary area Zé Bentao and neighboring areas. In that event it was pointed out that only a revolution can put an end to violence against women and only the people can build a new, truly democratic, free and fair Brazil, through the New Democratic Revolution, which begins as an Agrarian Revolution. Also male peasants saluted the working women and highlighted the importance of the struggle. The place was also decorated with flags from the MFP and the LCP (League of Poor Peasants).

On 8th of March the MFP held a event in Varzelândia, Norte de Minas Gerais, with great success as they reported. During the meeting, the comrade Sandra Lima was honored, whose life was very important to the struggle for the development of a class-conscious women's movment in Brazil and gave all her life for the struggle for New Democratic Revolution, Socialism and Communism.

Also in Belo Horizonte, on 7th of March, an event was held on the International Women's Day. The event was attended by the Workers League, the League of Poor Peasants, the MEPR and other class organization. A comrade of the MFP pointed out the importance of class-organization of women of the people and the strengthening of the MFP in all organizations of class struggle.



Revolutionary forces from Ecuador published a declaration in order to struggle for leadership an orientation within the women's movement: LONG LIVE THE DAY OF THE WORKING AND COMMITTED TO THE REVOLUTION WOMAN.


In Chile there were one of the biggest mobilization for the demonstration at 8th of March. Also revolutionary forces took part to develop the class-conscious women's movement.


As already reported the "Red Women's Committees" in Austria organized various and powerful activities in the course of 8th of march. The first national Conference of the Red Women's Committees has been organized, which was a powerful impulse to build up a combative organization of the women and introduced the 8th of March with strength and initiative.

The Red Women's Committees supported the spread of an theoretical statement published in Austria before the 8th of March, to give perspective and orientation for the struggle within the women's movement: "Unleash the force of women for the revolution"

Also the bourgeois media reported from an action taking place in Vienna, mobilizing for the International Women's Day, where a big banner was placed in the city. The struggling women and the Red Women's Committees took part in various demonstrations in the main cities in Austria, under the slogan “Let us built an Organization to struggle successfully: Against patriarchy and Capital!"


In various cities there were demonstrations on the 8th of March and revolutionary forces and class-conscious women took place there. They pointed out the necessity to struggle against both patriarchy and capitalism, both exploit and oppress the women.


In the city of Tampere there was made a banner with the slogan “Long live proletarian feminism!” before the 8th of March. The action took place in a prominent and heavily trafficked place, where it maintained for over 24 hours. In the city of Turku there was a march, where revolutionary forces also were part.


In the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm, revolutionary forces took part at a demonstration on 8th of march.



In Germany the "Red Women's Comittee" took part at demonstrations in Berlin, Bremen and Freiburg.

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