AUSTRIA – Workers on strike

On Wednesday, the 18th of March 2020, the workers of a company in Linz-Bindermichl-Keferfeld (Upper Austria) went on strike for a few hours and with that stood also against the ban on assembly of the government. They went on strike because of the „irresponsible behavior of the bosses“. Like in many companies no measures for the health of the workers regarding the „Corona-Virus“ have been taken and the workers are now concerned about the consequences for their health. Due to reports from that strike the workers took on their work after a few hours with strong protests, because of hard pressure from the „workers council“ and the production chief of the company.

The strike shows the strong force of the workers and also the great solidarity of the masses in this difficult situation. The „crisis-Management“ of the government and the bosses is clearly in favor of the capitalists and so it shows the class character of all the measures which have been taken. The workers don't want to take the „Crisis“ on their shoulders so they protest and strike, which is very justified.

Also in other companies in Upper Austria the workers planned to go on strike. The bosses of the companies reacted before and sent the workers on forced holidays.

Strikes and other Protests are justified! Show your solidarity with the striking workers! Stay steadfast and demand measures for safety devices and the protection of the health of the workers! No loss of holiday-days because of forces holidays!

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