EUROPE – Corona, Solidarity with the oppressed people, not with the rulers!

The European Union, that imperialist alliance, has made a catalog of measures, to dam up the economical damage of the COVID crisis. The massage which is given from Brussels: “Unitedly against that storm”. But in fact that means “unitedly against the people, unitedly in service of the capital”!

While within the crisis of COVID it is obvious, that the retrenchment of stuff and material in the health-sector claimed massive damages for the people, the rulers of the EU are discussing about saving the capitalists. Ursula von der Leyen declared that there should be help for the capital to overcome that crisis for 37 milliards Euro!

It is a fact, that measures against COVID are necessary, that should be out of discussion. Worldwide there are ratified 185.067 cases. While in China the numbers are falling in the rest of the world it is getting more every day. The COVID is not “just” like influenza, it is much more aggressive and it is not well known. One important difference is also, that against COVID even infected people do not generate antibody. So, measures to protect the people are necessary and justified.

But like everything else in our society also the measures against COVID are marked by one of the classes. The measures against COVID do not happened “outside” of capitalism/imperialism, like every thing else they are definitely not apolitically!

So if the rulers of the imperialist EU-alliance are now talking about “solidarity” and “unitedly”, while doing everything helping the capital in it’s crisis, it is a big derision to all the oppressed and exploited people who are helping each other these days and who with their work guarantee the necessary supply!

Even it is a very extraordinary situation the world is faced at the moment, that does not mean the contradictions between the rulers and the oppressed are liquidated. Much more than “unity” between rulers and the oppressed and exploited people, the COVID crisis is going to deepen the crisis of capitalism and is going to sharpen the contradictions! So it is even more necessary to prepare for the upcoming justified struggle of the masses worldwide against imperialism!

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