TURKEY - 8th of March

Despite all kinds of state pressure and intimidation in the cities such as Istanbul, Mersin, Ankara, Diyarbakır, Dersim, the women who went out on the streets shouted: "We are not silent, we are not afraid, we are not obedient!"

Especially young women stressed that they are struggling against rape and violence against women. Demonstrations and actions happened all over the country. In some parts there have been again hard attacks on the demonstrations. But thousands of women, who met with police barricades many times during their march, completed their marches with slogans and bravely resisted!

One statement on the demonstration said: “Women's resistance is shaking the whole world. Women all over the world are fighting against exploitation of their labor, the imposition of flexible-precarious working conditions, racism, violence and women's murders. Against those those who want to take away their freedom. As women living in this land, we are part of such a great resistance and we are everywhere on the streets today. ..." Another statement said, "We are filling the streets and squares with rebellion every 8th of March with the torches we took from 129 women workers who were killed while resisting for their rights."

The Mersin Women's Platform, which included New Democrat Women and women of YDG, held a rally in the former Tevfik Sırrı Gür Stadium Square. After women entered the area, the rally started with a moment of silence for women who lost their lives. After the stand of respect, women's organizations and political party representatives made a joint statement. After the speeches, the Women's Rhythm Ensemble of the Colors and Languages ​​Choir and the Jinawaz ensemble had enthusiastic moments with their songs. The ensemble sang songs in several languages ​​with her erbane and drums. The women accompanied the songs with their songs.

[source: www.avrupahaber6.org]

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