SYRIA/TURKEY – New wave of refugees

In the western bourgeois press, pictures of Syrian refugees are heavily circulating, accompanied with heavy chauvinism and racism. At the same time, a new wave of attacks was started by Turkey in northern Syria, serving the plans of the “western” imperialists, making the area practicably inhabitable.

One million Syrians have been displaced in the northern province of Idlib since December by attacks of either the Turkish or the Syrian Lackeys. It is “perhaps the worst humanitarian crisis of the conflict” (reuters) and of course it is the foreseen result of the imperialists crimes in the region.

The last wave of conflict was sparked by the Turkish offense into Idlib in December. Before that, the region was raided by the Kurdish leadership, who is serving US-imperialism. The “western” imperialists are main aggressor in this situation, and in general, the aggressor who started the civil war which destroyed the country. More than half of the Syrian population has ended up either displaced, killed or as refugees in the course of this war.

This is not an isolated phenomenon. In 2019, there were 70,8 million displaced people worldwide, 25,9 million of which were refugees - the highest number ever recorded. It is an expression of the sharpening of the contradictions in the world.

The imperialist war in Syria is an unjust war. It is fought with the blood of the opressed peoples and nations and the working class. The class-interest of the proletariat is the unity with the oppressed nations and it’s political avantgarde will lead the people of the world to their final victory over imperialism.

Long live international solidarity!

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