INDIA - Protests against CAA

Protests against CAA - what are Modi and Trump doing in the meantime?

During the two-day visit from February 24th until February 25th of U.S. President Trump at Prime Minister Modi, protests against the CAA (Citizens amendment act) in New Delhi expanded. CAA-supporters and CAA-opponents went on each other, threw stones at each other and set fire to houses and vehicles. At least 13 people were killed, hundreds injured, and a mosque set on fire, killing people.

While the majority of the population has been demonstrating and protesting against the anti-muslim racist law like CAA for weeks, the ranks of the CAA-supporters are widening and going against demonstrators! Even if the protests in the past few days were not mainly anti-Trump protests, the protests against the CAA are also directed against the imperialists and their fascist methods and laws! Because, during all of these popular protests, Trump and Modi signed a new arms deal. The government of India buys 24 US military helicopters for just under 3 million US-Dollar. All for the purpose and common goal of US imperialism and its lackey India to strengthen the common fight against terrorism, with the further goal of slowing China's influence in Asia.

The contradictions of the ruling imperialists and their lackeys continue to worsen and reveal his deepening crisis even more. On the one hand, with the massive further oppression and exploitation of the semi-feudal and semi-colonial countries like India, which introduces anti-Muslim laws to deepen the repression, and the further armaments agreements, to some extent the position of the main imperialist, US imperialism, its position to be able to hold. On the other hand, the plan to strengthen the fight against terrorism is another attempt to weaken the revolutionary and communist movement. As it is well known, US imperialism supported the "Operation Green Hunt" offensive with 18 Billion US-Dollar , which symbolizes the genocide of the 21st century, under the name of which thousands and thousands of people were coldly murdered and tortured! In the course of this, the CPI (Maoist) is seen as an official threat to internal security and as a terrorist organization.

India, a country in which the most advanced revolutionary struggle against imperialism with the people's war, led by the CPI (Maoist), is ruling! That is why this armaments agreement must be seen as an official attack against the revolutionary and communist movement!

Solidarity with the people‘s struggle in India!

Support the people‘s war in India!

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